Take yourself back in time. Way back to a time where the community was intact—the tribe, the clan. We all have images of mythical time when society was sane.

Please forget about every teledrama or movie you have seen that makes you think you have even an inkling about what life was like then. Just use your common sense, and try to forget about what you think you know. Look to your dreams and your inner knowing to find what your soul knows about this time.

In this world, there was no TV or mass media. The foreign invaders and robber barons had not yet arrived. You dwelt on your land—the land your people had lived on since the time before we started counting time—since the time of myth.

There were not a huge number of you in your group. Your extended family extended all around. People were considered old and wise if they lived to be 45. Children arrived at a much younger age in people’s lives—like the Romeo and Juliet age, where both kids were around 14 and their romantic hormones were taking them through changes similar to Spock undergoing Pon Farr.

When the baby came, an entire community was there to support the young parent—not just direct ancestors like grandparents, but the people living nearby.

The community was held together by a way of seeing the world—not through forced indoctrination—but because it was the only way to see the world. Major life stages were marked by mysterious initiations, where the movement was acknowledged by the whole community.

Belief—the common sense and knowing how the world is, how you stand in the world, and how what we call Divine is stitched into every perception and experience one has—is a binding factor that differentiates your tribe from the clan next door, who might see the world slightly differently.

In the evening, people gathered around the fire, where heart mystery was embraced and the stories were told that passed down the powerful transmission of they mysteries of how the world works. Think of the best mystery movie you ever saw—my favorite is Twin Peaks or The Ninth Gate, where mysteries lie hidden, only to be revealed through stories and experience.

Somehow, people had roles in the society. There was the mystery of being a woman or a man. There was the mystery of being an elder, or a warrior, or a child. Some people had talents for this or that. Some were storytellers, healers, artists, hunters, fathers, mothers, cooks, and leaders—able to speak in a way that brought together all the concerns of the group.

Perhaps things weren’t so idealistic. Perhaps you were surrounded by other tribes where, like in the case of Genghis Khan’s mother, it was a common practice for one tribe to steal wives from other tribes. Or like the Arapaho, who would go have skirmishes with Utes when they got bored. Let’s be practical and real.

The Conquerors and Robber Barons Arrive

Now imagine you are part of a group who has decided to conquer all the other groups. You conquer a tribe and you want to assimilate them. What is your biggest obstacle for getting them to behave like good subjects of your tribe?

Their bonds with each other and their belief structure.

You need them to believe YOUR reality, not theirs. You need them to take on YOUR practices and traditions, and forget the ones they held before.

But these belief systems are imbedded deeply within the communal bonds, forming the common way of seeing the world held by the people. As Jesus said, whenever two of you (my disciples) are together, I will be there. If you have ever been part of a group—especially a deeply spiritual one—you will find this to be true. A shared reality emerges that you live in with each other.

Further, these deep bonds—to culture, land, and community—give people their reason for living. They will sacrifice their lives to protect those with whom they have a deep heart connection—whether it be family, friends, places, legitimate and caring leaders, or people they identify as being of the same blood.

They will spare no expense in this realm, and the normal rules of exchange do not penetrate the family veil.

And Destroy the Ties that Bind

The only way to conquer these people is to sever these bonds. Here are several good ways that have been employed throughout history:

  • Rape the women
  • Kill the men
  • Build your temples on their sacred spots
  • Coopt their gods, giving them the names of your deities
  • Use the names of their gods in the naming of the days of the week, using the logic of your gods
  • Force conversion to your belief structure by the sword
  • Dub some of them priests in your tradition and have the natives confess their sins weekly under threat of having their personal relationship with the Divine severed
  • Demonize any of them still living in the countryside (i.e., paganos) as demon worshippers, backward thinking
  • Turn their gods into demons
  • Separate the family and clan unit by forcibly inserting commerce into their dealings

And the True DevAstation on Human Decency is only Just Beginning

Mass media has taken care of a lot of the problem of overcoming shared cultural beliefs that cause people to resist being ruled by others, holding slave jobs in fast food restaurants, and working most waking hours for the benefit of the robber barons (who now hide as plutocratic, corporate shareholders).

But experience has shown that as long as the beast of love, support and connection still survives in family units, the demon of alternative views that oppose that of the conquerors lies merely dormant, waiting to arise when the breaking point is reached. To sever this threat, it is imperative to sever the ties at the most fundamental level—the family.

Only recently has the technology emerged to ultimately sever the family unit. This is the tool of technologically enforced financial realities. An English noble in the 19th century, “This system of notes and credits developed by the emerging bankers is much better for controlling the masses than religion ever was.” And that has been true for the culture at large. But the key to maintaining power is to divide and conquer the enemy. Over the past 100 years, we have seen this manufactured in many arenas—political parties, gender, and generational. We are at a stage now, where it is common for one generation to not only hate another generation, but to be incapable of understanding it. For men and women to hate each other more than they love their family unit. The media has created spurious strawmen, which they claim to represent all members of the “opposing” group, and people in their non-wakeful existence blindly project their qualities onto all members of the opposing group.

Only recently have we become so individualized that most of us feel our own family doesn’t have our back. A few generations ago, each individual felt that the entire clan—the entire community—had their back. Now it is standard for newly married people:

  • Not to merge their assets
  • To maintain a system of tit-for-tat finances
  • To each have their own paid-for media accounts
  • To write prenuptial agreements making sure their future demon spouse doesn’t get their property
  • To forgo marriage altogether, choosing endless adventures over the life challenges of aging and growing with another human

This granular separation of the individuals has had the most pernicious effect on our souls imaginable. We all now feel unsupported and separate, to the extent that we even feel in competition for survival with other members of our clan and family.

This is the ultimate definition of barbarism—the dreaded id/ego obsessed dog-eat-dog reality thriving at the individual level, which we have projected onto “primitive” peoples. But the truth is, primitive peoples—by and large—had each others backs. It is only techno-man and techno-woman who have sunk to this level of soulless depravity and alienation.

And the root of future evil will be each member of the household being isolated from each other by having their own accounts.