Living Magic

Release Stuck Patterns, Fulfill Your Purpose & Awaken to the Magic of Life

The Profound Journey of Life

Life is a miraculous journey. We are simultaneously individuals and inseparable expressions of the sacred world that surrounds us. All of us (without exception!) play an invaluable role in the unfolding story of our world. We are each the heros and heroines of our life’s adventure, and our ability to meet and grow through the challenges of life—to develop wisdom, compassion, and effectiveness—is an incredible gift to the world.

Astrology is a way of studying life itself. These days we have so much information at our fingertips. We know all about how to do so many things; but ironically, we don’t know what they actually are. We know how to use things, like fire, tools, and instruments, but at the core, all our intellectual knowledge does not address what any of these things essentially are. At their base, they are all miraculous manifestations.

The core of all life is awareness. Without awareness, there is not experience. Without experience, there is no universe. This awareness manifests as our innermost heart, and is the seat of wisdom. When we rest in this awareness, we intuitively know many fundamental things about how life itself is. This awareness is always functioning, and manifests as our core common sense. It knows that there is only one world of experience, and that the life flowing through us and around us has rhythms and cycles that—while often quite different from the way we have been taught to see the world—are intuitively familiar to our common sense.

Many of us feel the pull and push of a purpose calling us. Some of us have made this a conscious life direction; while so many of us either can’t quite put a finger on what exactly it is, or perhaps feel that the inner voice we hear is not supported by those around us. Sometimes events happen in life that throw us for a loop, and we find ourselves lost at sea or suffering from damage to our ship. Sometimes we need some help and support in interpreting the messages the world is sending us. And at some point in our lives, we will find ourselves questioning the whole thing: What’s life ultimately about? How can I liberate myself from my infinite stuck spaces, confusions, and entanglements?

Astrology provides a way to awaken, confirm, and support our inner guidance system. We could think of our natal chart as a map of our karmic circumstance. Through exploring it, we can better understand the depth and meaning of our existence. Our astrological chart provides something like a karmic mapping of our soul’s DNA—of our habitual patterns, life lessons, role in life, challenges, and potentials. It is a key to our personal treasure chest waiting to be discovered and known, so that we can awaken the sacred energies that compose us, allowing them free rein to manifest for the benefit of ourselves and the lives of those we encounter.

There are many things we can explore with the tool of astrology. If we take the analogy of a tree:

  • The birth chart is like the seed, containing our genetic blueprint—our basic configuration—including gifts, challenges, and information about our lot in life.
  • Progressions, releasings, and other timing techniques reveal how the tree will grow over time—the phases of our life, including the rising and falling of periods of interest, focus, or career.
  • Transits provide a look at the weather surrounding the tree, allowing us a way of delving into key events to help us better understanding the forces at play and make better decisions.

Astrological Exploration

One-on-one sessions to explore your personal makeup, talents, obstacles, life direction, or what is going on with your life.

Initial session
(1½ hours)
Explore your birth chart and the cycles of growth unfolding in your life.


Followup session
(1 hour)
Go deeper with elements of your birth chart, life progressions or the timing of events.


Deep Dive
(5 1-hour sessions)
Take a five-session journey to acquire a deeper familiarity and relationship with the energies at play in your life and how best to work with them.


† I offer a sliding scale for those who need it.

Meditation Instruction

Learn meditation or deepen your existing practice.

Meditation instruction session
(½ hour)
Learn mindfulness-awareness meditation or deepen your meditation practice with techniques and perspectives drawn from the mahamudra and mahasandhi (dzogchen/ati) buddhist traditions, which are so applicable to our current age.
no fee*

* Following the examples of my teachers, who did not believe the medicine of the teachings should be sold for personal gain, I do not charge for meditation instruction. Donations are welcome.